Waiting on your next Tournament

IMG_0174 Did I ever tell you about the time, a 4 pounder jumped right in the back of my boat? Well if I have,I don’t mean to repeat myself, its just that I’m a going nuts waiting for my first tournament to start! But if you have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, here it is. Rick Clunn said, thats what happens when you buy a new NITRO Bass Boat. Well I got a picture of mine! Now would I lie about something like that? Its just nerve’s I guess, Can’t wait for our next tourna- ment! April the 2nd is the day of the Early Bird. I guess I had said that the Early Bird was on the 4th. I didn’t lie, I was just miss informed.Now I guess some one is going to say that I lied about the 4 lb Bass a jumping into my boat. Hey doesn’t the picture mean any thing? Well, Now guess what! Angel, My partner just called and said he doesn’t think that the Boat will be ready by April 2nd. Well,that was 4 days ago. You see, this is why I call him Angel! I called him and put on one of the most haunting, pitiful, and tear jerking story, but Loving, that you ever heard. Well when I got done talking to My favorite Angel, he said that the Boat will be ready by April 2nd. Now if I could remember what I said, I should write it down, so I can use it in the future!

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Well, here we gone, again.

Mr. JimAfter all that “where have you been”, and after all that care taking, I had to stop and take care of me. Well someone had to take care of me, so next thing I knew, I was in the Hospital with Pneumonia. Since then I went thru my Birthday, Christmas, New Years, and here it is the middle of January. Time flies when your having fun, they say! Well lets get back to writing.

Well as far as the Bass fishing goes, I guess we came to a halt there also. We need to repair the boat some what, I guess I put a hole in it when I was a driving it. We know it didn’t happen when Angel was a driving it. The bottom of the Boat is being repaired. After which there is a rummer that we might be getting a BIGGER NEWER BOAT. Now don’t anybody said anything, lets just wait and see what happens! Oh, his wife just said he was a dream’en! …..ring…ring…ring…!  Angel just called and said our 1st tournament will be on April the 2nd. That’s the Early Bird Tournament at Rocky Fork in Hillsboro, Ohio.  “Come on April”.   Read more »

“Where Ya Been”

Mr. JimWell if’in I new how to spel it, I would say, HI-ATE-US! Lets just say, I have been caretakin for a while, wife been sick and is still not better, and our son just lost one of his legs, so I have been pretty busy lately. You Know, me and the LORD, yea, He’s been keeping me upright fer a while.

I guess I could tell ya about my Parkinson disease progress.  You know they tell me I’m on a slippery slope and there is no  stopping it, but I can slow it down a bit. Yea, I got my feet a sticking out and my heels digging in, and I can slow it down a bit. Me and the LORD, that is!

You know, I haven’t even check in on my fishing buddy for a while, to see how he’s a doing. I better do that!  Well guess who just called, yept, my old fishing buddy. Well he’s not old, he just looks it! Now listen to this, as he’s talking to me, he just happens to be driving around the lake reminding me of all the fish we caught. And naturally he caught the most and of course his was the biggest. I will have to confess that he’s right! Oh, and I remember the day I tried to get him to be my new partner. I told him that I have been fishing this here Tuesday Nite Tournament for 20 years, and that I knew the best spots on the lake. I even said, why, I’m noted for always catching the big ones. And I was blessed to have one of the other fisherman say on the first night, yes, he always catches the big ones.(that cost me a few Bucks) Read more »

BFL Maysville, Ky.

IMG_0304When you fish tournaments like the BFL, and you draw partners, Well its like Forest Gump said, its like a box of Chocolates, you never know who your going to get!

Now I could say that about, you drawing me, as that might be bad, but I’ll get to that in a minute. You see, the amazing gentleman, that I drew in the BFL Maysville tournament, has got to be the most popular fisherman in the world. His Name, wait a minute, yea that’s right, you got it, Mr. John Viox. I mean, this guy knows or is known by, everyone. It didn’t matter which way you turned, it was, Hi John, Hi John, Everybody knew him, except, that’s right, Me!

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When Fish Bite!

IMG_0304I have been fishing in a local tuesday night tournament as far back as I can remenber. It consist of 33 weeks, every tuesday night, from 6:00pm to 9:00 pm , in which about 50 boats, or teams perticipate. Althou its a weekly tournament , a certain amount of the fee is maintained for an end of the year fishoff, which is a two day tournament, with the top 30 teams perticipateing . My partner and I have won this two day fish-off 4 times. This year, it will be a miracle if we even  make to the Fish off. No one, that knows me, and has seen my fishing abilities, beleives this……. ” I have not caught a bass for 10 conseutive weeks”! NO, I have not thought about suicide, but I am almost embarrassed. To coin a fraze from my last Blog, “Slow Bite”, “Panic definitely isn’t the answer. Fight off those emotions and fish with confidence.”

“PANIC is a terrible emotion when your fishing, especially in a tournament situation when your up againts the clock” I also feel that I have let my Partner down, and that really bothers me. I told my new partner that I had never missed a fish-off in all these years and have won the Fish-off 4 times.

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Lets Talk “Slow Bite”


The reality of bass fishing in public waters is that it’s hard more often than it’s easy. Sure, there are great days that produce memorable catches, and there are pretty good days in which enough downloadfish bite, to make us happy.

Unfortunately, there are too many of those dreadful days when bass just won’t bite. So, what do you do?

The pros know about tough bites, facing just about every fishing condition imaginable during the course of the season. Yet, as bad as fishing can be, someone always manages to catch them.

“I’m one who prefers it when fishing gets tough and the bites are hard to come by when fishing tournaments”.     “When the fish are aggressive, anybody can catch them.”

If nothing is happening in an area where you’ve caught fish recently, step back and try to figure out why you’re not getting bites.

“Taking time to assess the situation will lead you closer to the answer as to how to catch them”. “If it’s fishing pressure, maybe you need to find an area where they aren’t getting beaten up as badly. If it’s a weather issue, then slow down and fish more methodically.”

Don’t assume that the fish moved to the other side of the lake. Bass don’t make big moves when conditions suddenly get tough, but they will reposition to a nearby location that provides them more comfort.

For example, if you’ve been catching them under overcast conditions and it gets sunny, bass will move closer to cover and are less likely to chase a bait.

“The strike zone gets smaller, so you must be more precise with your casts and coax them into biting”. Read more »

Computer Down/Blog Down

Blessings, Frustrations, Blessings, Frustrations,….. where in the world do I start! From computer being up and down  for 2          IMG_0304weeks and sickness in my family, my blog writings were furtherest from my mind. The Lord took care of my family and  my  grandson took  care of my computer, so I’m up and running again. Ok, now where was I.                                                                OH, Yah, this here is a picture of an old man. He looks tired doesn’t he, well he is! most time he doesn’t want to admitt it,              but he is getting up there.

I beleive my last blog was 2 weeks ago, and as I remember, I was talking about the BFL Buckeye Division. Of which I am  trying  to get things ready for this weekend. It is being held at Maysville ky. on the 27th, on the river.

Oh, but we’ve had a lot rain and the river is rolling and full of debree, which means if the rain doesn’t stop it might have to be canceled. That would be my luck! Oh don’t you just love tournaments on the river. You know what they say about the river, somethings always happening. O well, I’ll keep you posted how things turn out.

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The BFL “Buckeye” Division

prioritiesBack in Feb. 20th 15,  I suggested that a good start in Bass Tournament fishing, might be one of the BFL tournaments in your area. Of course mine would be the Buckeye division, as I live in Ohio. Not to say you can’t fish in any of them, you can. For starters, I would say stick with what you can afford, as travel is now a big factor in the Fishing world today, with gas prices the way they are. The next Buckeye tournament is slated for June 27th. This means if I want to fish this one, I have to look at my FLW 2015 Bass Fishing League Schedule for the Entry deadline.  As a Non-Boater or C0-Angler, I would prefer the Piority Deadline, to assure an assignment with a Boater. In this case my Piority deadline is June 16th. Looking at the calender, I have 10 days to figure out if I can come up with all moneys needed. Entry Fee, Travel expenses, Lodgeing, etc., starting with $110.00 entry fee, as a co-angler, or n0n-Boater. Read more »

Getting ahead of one’s self!

For those of you that have followed my blogs from the begining, you’ll remember that I talked about my 3 main loves in life. No.1, was my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. No 2 was my Wife and Family. And No. 3 was Bass Fishing Tournaments. I guess I need to back up here a minute, and let you know about some of the blessing that the Lord, has given me.

We all know that sometimes we kind of run ahead of ourselves, and if I had only one flaw in me, that would be it! No matter what age you are, when you stop and recognize, what Blessing’s are.

Some of my most recent Blessing, were on Father’s Day, and again on Mother’s Day.   Well, first let  me set the   stage.  In 1975, my wife and her 3 children, and Me and my 4 children, joined in Holy Matrimony. Now as most   of you know there was a TV show, called , “The Brady Bunch”.  Remember them?  Well, We were called “The Bettle Bunch”.   We had a Basket Ball team, and 2 Cheer Leaders.

As you might guess, “Our Bunch, may not have turned out as well as “Their Bunch”, But things have a way of     working out, if we learn to turn those things that give us a heavy Heart, over to the LORD.  As of this time our Family picture  consist of, “7 Children,16 Grandchildren, and 8 Great Grandchildren.

Well its been a long time coming, as only 3 of our children, had been Baptized by now. Well on Father’s day, I        had the privilege to Baptize 2 of my boys. Wow, what Blessings we received that day. But wait, on Mother’s day, again I had the Privilege, of Baptizing 1 of her Boys. Wow and double Wow. 6 down and 1 to go. Read more »

Bits and Pieces

IMG_0260[1]Well it’s about time I got back to doing what I’m supposed be doing in this blog. I guess I’ve just been having too much fun in the last two weeks with a new fishing buddy.  As I mentioned in last week’s blog that we had been disqualified at our very first Tuesday night tournament. Well my new partner has taken control of that little problem  and he will make sure that, that chip gets on the chipboard before the check-in time. Well in our second Tuesday night tournament, you might say we went from Zero to Hero, as we actually wound up in second place and my new partner was beside himself. He said, why who would’ve thought! As it turned out we went from the first night to the second night from 50th Pl. to 9th place. Well you know how new anxious bass fisherman are. My new partner who I refer to as Angel because of the fitting time that he came into my life after a prayer. Now next week he wants first place, and will except nothing less. You see last Tuesday night Angel, caught the biggest bass and that is why we wound up in second place because that one big Bass.  It just don’t happen every week. Now it’s time for him to get a lesson in humility. As he is learning all about tournament bass fishing from his old buddy, you know who, and his old buddy, you know who, is trying to remember what he’s learned over the years. And I’m afraid that him asking for first place in our third week is asking little too much.

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